About Us

The Firm focuses on Corporate Law, Tax Law, Company Formation and Registration, and Accounting Services.

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Our services

HF Legal group delivers a full range of integrated and value-added legal, Finance& Accounting, Logistics, and tax services to our clients through a team of experienced lawyers, consultants and tax experts.

Commercial Law

Our services are not limited to the draft and settlement of a composite range of commercial contracts but also include advising on the tax and other implications of commercial transactions, conducting due diligence investigations and assisting with the implementation of commercial transactions

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Corporate Law

We offer a practical and commercial approach to Company & Corporate Law matters. Whether your business is already operating through a corporate vehicle, a company or limited liability partnership

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Finance & Accounting Services

Managing accounts and finances on a daily basis is one important task that requires trained resources and latest accounting software and tools

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Logistics & Other Services

Our firm provides Market Entry consultations according to the clients wishes. Whatever the question about the market entry is, we will put our best efforts to give a complete and detailed answers. Consultations about business strategy, product development, logistics and risk management.

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